Fountain specification details

The Turtle Fountains® Floating Fountain

Our fountain pump is shown here with the optional lighting package. Our fountain floatation is a four compartment, simulated rock, manufactured using a custom mold. This floatation is made with UV protected PVC and is standard with all of our fountain models. This floating fountain design allows our light kits to be completely above the water line for better illumination. See the light package at night.

Fountain Rock Floatation
Fountain Pumps

Control Center

Control Center



All units include a lockable, automatic 24 hour time clock control. All terminals are completely enclosed within the control center for your safety. All electrical connections are soldered for safety and durability. Watertight connectors are enclosed in a single cable for safe & easy installation.

Optional Equipment

The optional deluxe filtratrion system attachment allows your fountain to draw water from various depths and also allows for easy cleaning. Simply locate the decoy, pull the filter up with the retreival cord, clean and drop to replace. This attachment is ideal for shallower ponds or areas with a high concentration of debris.

Optional Lighting Package for Floating Fountain

Lighting Package

See the light package at night on The Mayflower floating fountain.


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